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Just wanted to introduce myself since Ive had my Volvo for a couple months now. Im Alex, living in Louisville KY. I just picked up my second Volvo over the last few years. My first one was a 1999 XC70 that I sold a few years back, and now I have a new toy. A 94 850 Turbo Wagon, Blue on Tan. Picked it up for a song and getting ready to have a little fun with it.

First bit Ive done to it was mait. and replacing parts. Did a Stage 0 and rebuilt the front suspension and replaced all 4 calipers and did a full brake job.

Replaced the boost hoses with Silicone, and did a new cone air filter. Along with a Hallman Pro MBC.

Next will be transmission cooler this weekend and then exhause before an ARD tune.

Looking forward to learning some more about the cars!
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