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new to the volvo scene. bought a 99 s80. got a few questions.

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hey everybody. first time on this site. i recently purchased a 99 volvo s80 and i was wondering if any of you guys had any info on these cars that you might like to share with me. (factory defects, S80 specifics) it has 120k on it, so i was wondering if you guys can recomend a good set of shocks that wont cost me my right arm. also, what kind of fluid does the automatic transmission take? (inline 6 cyl, non turbo) is it just regular old dextron mercon 3? or is it something special? and once i change the tranny fluid, how do i reset the message indicator so that it no longer says "transmission service"? and does anyone know a way to program my own keyless entry that i bought off of ebay?(its made for this car. its the original.) have any of you ever had any trouble with the airbag light? the car has a clean carfax report, so i dont think its ever been wrecked. i want the light to go off, but i dont want to pay the $400 the stupid dealership probly wants to diagnose and fix this. ok so i had a lot of questions. i used to have a 95 850 turbo. thats why i love volvo's now.
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Re: new to the volvo scene. bought a 99 s80. got a few questions. (99S80man)

Dang! it just occured to me that this thread is in the wrong forum. can a mod please move it to the correct one for me please?
Re: new to the volvo scene. bought a 99 s80. got a few questions. (JRL)

it doesnt actually say transmission service. it says something like that i just cant remember it right now. it just hit the 120k marker, so i looked in the manual for scheduled service info and sure enough, the tranny is supposed to have a fluid change at 120k. so that explains it. but what kind of mobil brand fluid does it take? i need to know the exact fluid, cause my freind owns a kwik lube shop and the dealer wants $200 to service the tranny.
Re: (Copeland)

so you think i should take the timing cover off and inspect the belt? is it hard to replace?
Re: (99S80man)

also, i have a small water leak in the passenger side floorboard. (not antifreeze). just plain water. anyone ever had any experience with this
Re: (Muskoka)

evporator coil? what exactly does this do? is it under the dash? how would the drain get plugged?
Re: (Muskoka)

you sir, are awesome. but i will fix it myself rather than pay someone, if possible.
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