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Looking for advice... I purchased a 2002 Volvo S60 T5 and im wanting to add an extra turbo to this unit. I have a 14T and recently got a 16T. Im thinking 14t to cylinders1 and 2... and 16t to cylinders 3,4,5 and if i can change the 16t billet for a bigger one without changing the housing that would be good. im porting my head at the moment and wondering for any upgradeing solutions anyone can throw my way i would really appreciated it. The pick and pull wreckers hear have tons of volvo's and i have a 2.3L. PLEEZZZE people im going threw a mid life crisis, LMAO. Bigger heads? Bigger injectors? Bigger throttle body??

PS Im rebuilding a Eaton M90 any one have one in there volvos?? im thinking to throw that in as well if its possible, or one of those Aisin AMR500...
Performance chip/Tuner Type???
Wheel size???
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