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New to the forum and the R

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Hey everyone!
I just picked up my first R this weekend... A 2004 titanium grey automatic s60R. I'm so excited about getting it. My cousin has a 2004 black s60R so my family is grabbing as many as we can hahaha.
The car has 58K on it, but I got it volvo certified to 100K so that's nice. Cuts down on the engine mods I can do, but I am looking at some body modifications already. I think I'm going to order the Heico aluminum doorlock pins just because I'm not a fan of the plastic ones in there now.
Only problem I've noticed is the underside of my front bumper seems a bit warped on the underside and it seems like the bumper could be a bit more flush on both sides (but mostly the left side when looking at the front). I did a Carfax search on it and it reports no accidents or anything. Since I've only had it for 5 days it's going into the dealership to get a new key coded to it and to get the registration sticker so they're going to look at it too. I'm hoping it's just a pin missing or something and that can get taken care of.
Other than that I'm incredibly happy and just wanted to say hi to everyone! I'm excited about being in this forum and hopefully contributing as much as I can. That said, I think I've written long enough. Thanks everyone!
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Re: New to the forum and the R (titaniumR)


Before you buy the Heico pins, take a look at takspeed.com. I bought their aluminum door pins and I must say they look terrific! All for only $20 - the best $20 I have ever spent on my car. I personally don't like the Heico pins because of the soft finish and rounded corners (not as impressive looking IMHO). Not to mention, they are nearly three times the cost!!! Either way, replacement pins will be a big improvement if you screw them on enough that they flush out with the door panel when locked.

You picked the right color combo for your R - congrats on the purchase!!!
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