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Hello all, I've been hanging around here for a little while trying to learn what I can from you guys about the new V50. To start last fall I sadly turned in my 2001 V40, I hated it at first (what highschool kid wants a V40) but then after having it for a while I grew to love the car. She took care of me when I needed her to, plowing right through a dear like it was a cat at nearly 60mph (I seriously considered not stopping).

Since I am studying abroad I didn't worry about getting a new car, i.e. Volvo untill I got back. However my dad let me know of a brand new 2005 Volvo V50 T5 with everything except sport susp., and dynamic trim for 24.9K . It doesnt have the 6spd or AWD but for that price I am not going to complain that much.

On to the questions, My V40 had a tow hook that took the beatings from the uneven driveway at my apt, so is there a similar tow hook on the new V50 that could take the same beating esp. if I put the heico (or similar) springs on it? Also, I read somewhere here that the volutions are too heavy, what weight for a wheel is considered too heavy? spefically 18-19 inches x 8.5

Sorry for the long first post guys and gals I appreciate the help.

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