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hi all,
last friday i traded my 99 xc70 for a 2010 xc60. what a difference. the xc70 was a bit troublesome to say the least. bought it used a year and a half ago without doing my homework and had the pleasure of fixing/modding it through lots of $$$. it was fun, educational, frustrating, maddening...
at one point i thought enough is enough.
so to the dealer and swapped for a cpo xc60. really nice. almost feels nicer than my old 05 v50 t5 that was unfortunately totaled.
i did notice a belt chirp and mysterious rattle in the dash/firewall area and the dealer is fixing it and hunting for the rattle. meanwhile im driving a my12 s60 t5. its zippy but somehow lacks something compared to the xc60.
maybe im just starting to miss the xc60 already.
oh, ordered weathertech for it and its on the way.
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