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Hey all,

I'm taking over the volvo as a daily driver to school. There's a couple of issues I've come across while looking over the car.

First off.. the sunroof don't work. For a while it was working but wouldn't remain in the "closed" position. It would either go to vent or open completely. Now it doesn't do anything. I took the domelight apart, and all the connections are good. Any ideas?

Second.. creaking can be heard inside from the front right tire. sounds like the shock is worn. Am I right or is it something more serious?

This is a good starting point. I'm sure I will discover more things later on. The car's been in the family since we bought it new Xmas of 1992 (one of the first I believe). Love the car and hope to learn more about it. Thanks for reading my somewhat lengthy post.
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