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New Strut's advice

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I was hoping someone out there in Volvo Nation can help me figure out what kind of struts I should get for my 98 S70. My right front strut is damaged (damn Spring time potholes)and I was told that I would be better served if I got new Struts on both sides.

What else do I need beside the struts? My mechanic said I need bearing caps Is there an all in one piece I can purchase?

Sorry if I don't know what I'm asking

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Re: New Strut's advice (vstarkwell)

Bilstein or Koni are the most used choices. Avoid Monroe and other domestic brands. The upper strut mounts should be replaced at the same time. Chances are that your sway bar links are toast as well.
Thank you so much for your reply, I'm taking it to a specialized Volvo repair shop for an estimate on Monday. They are pretty reputable so hopefully they'll me exactly what I need one
Re: New Strut's advice (vstarkwell)

You can use OEm Bilstein Tourings, Konis, etc.
If you just are replacing one or the front only you should go with the OEM sachs strut.
You ALWAYS should replace in pairsAre you SURE it's a bad strut and not just a busted spring seat?
(If it IS the spring seat, now would be the time to replace the struts as it's no extra labor)
Re: New Strut's advice (JRL)

I'm not sure but I'm going to not your suggestions and bring that up with the mechanic. The good thing is a buddy of mine is a manager of a auto parts distribution/warehouse and he said He can get me what I need at cost.

I'm hoping it's not much money. Thanks again for your reply and suggestions.

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