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New shocks on my '91 940SE

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After 11 years and 120k miles I finally wore out the shocks. Those Nivomats take a beatin though. I was having my tires changed and noticed one of them leaking oil. By the time I got to my mechanic they started dumpin oil all over the ground. Glad I made it there in time. Got them replaced for about $650 including labor. Noticeable difference in ride immediately. Had to adjust my mirrors since the back was lifted about an inch. The others must have really been shot.
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Sounds like you got your share of wear out of them. It's amazing what a new suspension will do to a car. We just did the same on our Project 245 and she's a wholly different beast now. All that swaying is gone.
Im still noticing a fair amount of unsteadiness at about 100mph which I never had before. Perhaps the fronts are shot as well? They checked and said they looked ok, but driving is a different story. I had the steering rack replaced a few months ago and it was defective so they had to get another one. Any suggestions about the unsteady feel?
The fronts are original also? I'd go ahead and replace them. That's probably it. There's no way they'll be as firm as the rears, which would cause a bit of unsteadiness.
Thanks for your help... You sounded surprised that I had the original front shocks still on there. Is that unusual? Im having them takin out next week. The ride seems almost dangerous if you are driving too fast.
Not sure. I always do mine all at once. Having the front looser than the rear can definitely effect the car's handling. I don't know how spiritedly you drive, but it definitely plays on the physics of the car.
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