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Hi and welcome to the forum!

1. Is the adaptive cruise dragging the brake when it's below the set speed? Because it always feels a little bit like I'm being pulled forward when it's engaged, and the amount of brake dust is insane.
It doesn't coast down on the engine, if the speed is 2mph above your setting it is braking for you (let's say on a downhill)
2. Should I just expect the wheels to be perpetually covered in brake dust?
Yes, unless you put aftermarket pads, and even those leave noticeable amount of dust

4. How much is your dealership charging you for the scheduled 10k service once your first three are up?
The cost of the oil changes varies from 40k to 50k to 60k, etc. 40k is ~$750-850, 50k is ~$340-500. Many of us have opted for pre-paid packages that do save money (Search Steingold)
5. Is it really wise to go 10,000 miles between oil changes with this engine?
Well, it is what is recommended by Volvo.
6. I've noticed a lot of wheel damage threads for you folks on bigger diameter wheels (I'm on 18s). Is this a Volvo thing, or is that just life with bigger wheels?
It must be a thing with larger wheels and low profile tires. My wagon is on 19s but it has larger profile tires, i haven't had an issue in over two years of ownership.
7. Is it normal for the driver foot well to be illuminated in the evening while driving?
It is normal, part of the illumination, you can turn it off, or control intensity in the "Interior Lights" section

9. Is there any possibility of installing a larger gas tank? The stock one is one of the few things I really don't care for in the car.
I doubt...it is indeed annoying though!
10. Aside from brake wear, are there any common problems I should be on the lookout for or maintaining more aggressively, either on the S90 specifically or SPA platform cars otherwise?
If you use cruise control a lot, beware the rear brakes will go quick (20-30k miles life is normal). I haven't read of anything else that people are fixing often.
11. Generally I prefer to work on my own cars - are there any special tools I should pick up to do so?
I do too, used to do my own oil changes, brakes, shocks, etc in my past 5-series wagon.. I did all the brake pads 25k miles ago, very simple procedure, even the rear (you just need a 9 or 12v battery to back out the electric servomotor). I've done nothing else (other than my own CAI) but if you've had European cars before then you should have plenty of metric size tools.

Those are the responses where I can provide feedback. Good luck!
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