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Originally posted by bfavre4:
Just scanned pictures in and put together a little website for my new S60 T5 delivered last week.
Check it out here.
Very nice...even for a...Silver!
Only kidding! I love the 16" Sirius alloys! They look great on Silver, Na. Blue and Black S60s!


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The only thing I don't like about the pics is that the scanned picture quality is bad! The photos were taken with a great Nikon camera. So I think my scanner is crappy. It's a microtek 3600. The images are not sharp and it's too redish. I used 300 dpi and used photoshop to touch up. Still it seems so much more blurry and bland than most everybody else's posted pics. It's gotta be the scanner I guess. Any techniques you guys use to make your pics better?

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