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So a while back i was looking for plugs to run nitrous or higher boost in the R. There is not a whole lot of choices out there. I was looking for a non-projected tip plug to put in the R to make it safer for nitrous and/or more boost. I work at Nitrous company and just happened to come across this being in the performance car industry.

Granted this is going to be a colder plug and is going to be non-projected tip so its not going to be for everyone. This can be a great plug if used right.

The plugs pictured is a taper seat plug BUT they do make a gasket seat plug that should be identical to our plug.

Here is the picture of the ER14YS in projected tip. Should be a replacement for our stock. As you can see this is a gasket seat plug like our factory plugs and should be the same heat range. Here is the specs for the plug pictured below.
Thread 14mm
Reach 26.5mm-1
Hexagon 16mm-5/8
Seat gasket
Design Silver Center Electrode
Resistor yes
Projected yes

Just thought that i would share my findings. I will run a set of the projected tip gasket seat plugs sometime and report back on drive-ability before going to the non-projected tip for nitrous.

Just a quick FYI the non-projected tip version are the same plugs we put our Eagle head 5.7L Hemi guys into for running up to 150HP. The taper seat versions RR14S is the same plugs that go into the new 4V 5.0L coyote ford motor, 6.1L hemi and 4.6L 3V SOHC 05-mid07.
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