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Hi all! I’m excited and very proud to be the new owner of a ’67 1800S! My dad has given it to me to get back into shape. He was the 3rd owner and drove it all over the place for about 15 years. Once he bought a new car, it sat in his garage untouched for about 10 years. To add to the fun, there are some rust spots (headlights, panels under the doors, and probably a few other places).

Does anyone know of a good shop to get the mechanics up to speed? I live in Raleigh, NC but with the car in Winston-Salem, NC it will need to be moved so anywhere along the way (W-S, Greensboro, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh) would be preferred.

At the same time, can anyone recommend a good body shop to take care of the rust? Especially if there’s any dangerous rust.

I have some money to put towards this car (about $3000) but I’ll need to figure out where to spend my money wisely to get started.

I have no intentions of making this a show car. This will just be a fun car to drive around so I would really like to get this car mechanically reliable and safe. I know getting the rust out will likely be costly but the eventual paint job doesn’t need to be perfect like a show car.

Any thoughts? I’m really excited to get this car and get it back on the road!
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