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Hey guys,

I just recently picked up my second Volvo, a 1997 850 GLT sedan with the lpt. Around 130k on it.

This car was a replacement for my last volvo, a 1996 850 wagon which reliably helped me through my 126 mile a day commute for over a year before the trans started to slip (at around 280k).

I already like this new 850 more than the last, even though I do miss the wagon life. This car is my daily driver, and I plan on keeping it a practical vehicle, but I do want to explore some performance mods for it just for ****s and giggles really.

So far, I've replaced the struts/shocks all around and installed vortland springs. My pcv kit should be in sometime this week, and once that is replaced it's time for the fun.

Aside from a good tune up, the plan is:
Turbo upgrade
Custom fmic
Extremely mild exhuast
Sway bars
Te37 style wheels and rubber

Hopefully I can make this car fun and last a while!

Old volvo :

New volvo:

My "show" car - 1990 turbo miata

Andddd my track day/weekend cruiser - 2014 subaru brz

I look foward to exploring this site a bit more, thanks for reading!
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