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Re: New Idea for the 2004 R owners! (slowrey)

Sean, the process they are using is what is called "Hydra-grapics". They effectively float a layer of ink on water and dip your part like an easter egg. It can be a cool process, but you must be careful with any really regimented pattern like a brushed aluminum. If you are going to try this, make sure the part(s) you send are relatively flat or only bend in 1 direction, otherwise the pattern will stretch and get all funky looking. It won't look like brushed aluminum at all ... it wil just look like a streaky silver part

Also BE SURE to specify grain direction and be sure to tell them you want a MATTE finish. Hydra-graphics needs to be clear coated ALWAYS, but you can indeed (or at least you should be able to with anybody who really knows what they are doing) specify what sheen you want the parts cleared in.

I think the 2 parts you are suggesting would be perfect for this process ... give it a try. I do know from an OEM standpoint that some really convincing results CAN be produced with this process ... conversely amatuerish attempts by lesser companies ... well, they produce those carbon fiber "look" license plate frames that the pattern never seems to look right on
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