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First, I'd like to say it's nice to virtually meet you all and I love the XC90 and I've wanted one since their arrival in Europe back in 2015 (I think...). So I purchased a CPO R-design (off lease) in Passion Red that looks and drives absolutely amazing (more about this below)! Love the air suspension, handling, power, and most important to me, looks.

So ever since I purchased at speeds above 55 or so there was this vibration. Sadly, my test drive was not high speed and it was raining. The next day after I purchased, I let the dealer know that it needs and alignment and tires / rims checked. They indeed agreed, did the alignment and supposedly road force balanced the wheels / tires. They even told me a rim was minorly bent and they would have it fixed. Please keep in mind these are the beautiful 22" R-design wheels. So fast forward, I don't get up to 60+ mph often, but the other day I did and noticed again a vibration. I assumed maybe it had to do with the OEM summer tires that are a few years old, so I bought some all seasons to replace them. I asked the tire shop to do a road force balance and they did, however...

This is where I get upset, multiple rims (including the one that was "fixed") are bent! They brought me into the shop to see the rims / tires up on the Hunter machine and spun them (I have videos and pictures). They said even doing a complete road force will not solve this problem. You can balance an egg, but it's still out of round is the quote they used.

So I know wheel "out of roundness" is an item listed on the CPO checklist, so I contacted Volvo customer care. These 22" rims are not cheap and I'm at a loss with what I should do. Has anyone had any issues like this? I have new tires on bent wheels and feel like I'm stuck...
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