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Originally posted by Michigan_S60:
Welcome all! I just joined this board after my wife and I bought our first Volvo (back in July) - a 2001 S60 2.4T. Yep even though I am a BIG horsepower nut, I could not get over the significant around-the-town turbo lag of the T5...

At any rate, being a powertrain engineer I am very picky and can notice even the slightest powertrain issue.

So I was wondering if anyone else here has notice the "bobble/shuffle" followed by a torque bump/oscillation after quickly releasing the brakes after stopping.

Here is the scenario:

Come up to a stop light, brake normally, hold the brake pedal down, then quickly let go to move ahead. What I get is a b-o-i-n-g shudder feeling which feels like the engine rolling and oscillating after torquing up against its mounts while the brakes are applied. Of course the dealer could not find a thing (twice now). I poked around under the car while changing the oil and I could not see anything damaged or too obvious. In fact, everything looked very stout (I have some nice pics too). The bad news is I also found this on another S60 during our test drives.

On another note, I just got back from having the "rear control module reinitialized" which fixed the non functional: fuel gauge, elec. headrests, trunk release, rear door locks, central door locks, and intermittently the sunroof and garage door opener! Again no problem found, but the reinit worked. Very reassuring!

Has anyone else noticed these issues on their car? Just curious.

Sorry for the long winded note!
At first, I found this feature to be annoying, but with additional miles on the car (now about 6500), the jerkiness has smoothed out and it is hardly noticable. I believe what you describe is normal operation and the owners manual does describe this transmission operation.

I also felt that the torque converter would engage rather harshly at first (espically when coasting), but that also has resolved with more miles on the vehicle.

Hope this settles some of your concerns and enjoy your new ride!


Jim (2001 S60 2.4T)
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