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I'm looking at buying a 2003 Volvo XC70.

The car recently had it's 60,000 mile service so the oils are fresh and clean. On the dipstick it looks like oil has burned and stuck to the dipstick. The stuff stuck to the dipstick isn't completely black but it is much darker than the clean oil. It looks like maybe the oil dropped down below the normal level and the oil remaining on the stick above the oil line burned to the dipstick. Or if you left the dipstick and cap out in the open air while servicing it.. maybe? The same sort of thing is under the oil fill cap. Kind of blackish grimy looking stuff on the bottom of the oil cap and on the metal grate directly under the oil fill cap.

Should i be concerned about this!? Or is this normal?

The car has been neglected as far as cleanliness. The owner had kids so there is garbage all over.. cookies, crackers, wrappers, toys etc... But the car just needs a good detail/deep cleaning. There isn't any major permanent damage inside or out.. just needs cleaned. What concerns me is since this owner neglected cleaning the vehicle maybe he neglected the regular maintenance as well.

I need to make or not make this transaction tomorrow.. PLEASE HELP ME.
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