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Hey guys, decided to join the forum after lurking for a while after i bought my c70. I picked it up for $2k, 1998 Silver C70 hpt on canisto's, the car was in pretty rough shape. Here's a list of all my additions:
-sunroof assembly (was busted out)
-right tail light (busted out)
-driver corner light (fell off)
-seat covers (crappy volvo interior quality)
-IPD springs
-Bilstein Touring struts
-Front left wheel bearing
-Front control arms
-front tie rods
-tires all around
-Pads and rotors all around
-Turbo XS MBC set @ 13psi
-Correctly adjusted wastegate rod
-modified intake box w/ k&n
-replaced coolant line to turbo (almost bursted, really swollen and leaking)

Future plans:
-Lucky tune
-3" full exhaust
-18t turbo upgrade
-Homemade front mount upgrade
-meth / alky injection
-basic tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter)
-suede headliner/dash/pillars
-ipd sway bars and endlinks

-Will i need different injectors with the 18t? If so what size or if volvo brand what "color"?
-is a walbro 255 good enough pump?
-is tuning needed if you install a meth kit on a somewhat stock setup? Or can the stock computer make adjustments?

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Welcome and Congrats on the new ride. Lots of good info on here.
Put up some pictures if you have any.
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