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New C30 Owner to the forum

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Hello everyone! Just joined the Forum.

I am soldier stationed in Ansbach, Germany. Proud owner of 2009 Volvo C30 T5. I love this car! First seen it when I was in Iraq on the cover of Automobile Magazine for the 2008 All-Stars and the rest is history! Purchased through military sales and my "test drive" was the day I picked her up! No complaints so far.

She is a Nurburgring and German Race Wars veteran(hehe). Clocked some pretty good times and she held her own against some decent vehicles.

No Mods yet, but I am open to suggestions! Nice meeting you all!
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Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (AlconesC30)

Welcome to Volvo!

If you are into wanting to go faster you are in the right place. Here is a list of mods in no certain order. Some like doing all the supporting mods first then doing an ECU upgrade for the final big finale of power.

1. ECU Upgrade
3. Down Pipe
4. Exhuast
5. Intake upgrade... (Evolve comes to mind)
6. High flowing filter
7. Aftermarket Turbo Kit *** If enough is never enough ***

Enjoy your ride!
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Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (kmg_S60R)

Welcome! You didn't happen to run against a white Focus ST did you?
Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (Shomare)

Um... yes I did... Twice
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Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (AlconesC30)

saw the video of that. Looks like if you had more grip with your tires you would have been closer at the end.
Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (Shomare)

If you saw it from the front Angle... she red lighted that run... the 2nd run wasnt even close. I just gave it too much RPM out the gate the first run and spun the tires too much...where did you see the vid.. Youtube? and Can I get the link
Re: (LronSigh)

Lron you sly dog! LOL
Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (AlconesC30)

Yes saw it on youtube.

Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (Shomare)

oh ok, both those are my posts... was thinking there was a new one out.

I will be going again next month, hopefully will do better
Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (AlconesC30)

Better tires I hope and if you got to chip it, you might give that ST a surprise!
Re: New C30 Owner to the forum (Shomare)

dont have the money for tires and a chip until after my next deployment..but I beat that ST twice...the orange got me off the line, ntm I spun too much..but it doesnt matter, he beat me.
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