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Hey Guys,

For those of you who may not know me my name is Jason VanGorden and I'm the Volvo Product Manager here at FCP. Over the past year I've been very fortunate to add hundreds of new skus, kits, and brands to our Volvo catalog offering. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm proud to introduce some new ignition coil kits which are made specifically for your Volvo. For the next week I've dropped the price on the two major Bosch Ignition coils which are used across the P80, P1, P2. and P3 chassis vehicles. Bosch is the OE supplier for Volvo on these coils and I've complimented them with a set of Genuine Volvo Spark plugs.

Click HERE to view all of our new Ignition Coil Kits

The Ignition coil is responsible for transferring voltage from your Engine's ECU wiring harness to your spark plugs to produce a quality spark which will ignite your air/ fuel mixture to start the combustion process. Without a good quality and properly functioning coil your vehicle may not run as efficient as you'd like.

A failing ignition coil can produce a cylinder misfire, uneven idle, a check engine light, and may even damage your vehicle's catalytic converter is left defective for too long.

Since Ignition coils are known to be a common failure item especially after 100k miles FCP recommends checking your ignition coils every 100k miles or sooner depending on driving conditions.

To View Ignition Coil Kits for your vehicle please click HERE

As Always, If there's anything else I can personally help you with please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Additionally, Let me know what you want to see from FCP!
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