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New 855 R owner

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I'm a regular on AudiWorld's S4 forum, and just thought I'd pop over and say hi. It's great to find a page up to par with AudiWorld that deals with Volvos. I recently acquired a white on black 1996 855 R and I'm loving every second on driving it. It's like my mother's '95 855 turbo (the soccermobile) on roids. And the "R" is for the rails it seems to be on, as handling is extraordinary. In the words of my good friend Rocky, "it handles like a Porsche on crack." I look forward to posting and being a member of the SwedeSpeed community.

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sweet. yeah the 850 R is a crazy car.. i love it however i wish ours was a Manual : (
Mmmm manual. Keep your eyes open guys. We'll be launching project 854R this week based on my car, also an automatic. -George
Gee, if you ever need anothe car to use as a project car, I am willing to "donate" maine to the cause. ('94 854 turbo, stock as it gets)
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