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My passanger side mirror black plastic housing is busted. My XC-90 is a 2004 2.5 AWD. My mirrors are not the auto fold, but they do support the memory function.

The glass and the mirror mount on the car is ok. The motor works, but may not be right as the glass moves around easily when gently pushed on, more so then the driver side mirror. I need to take a closer look at it, when I have the time.

My Volvo dealer gave me a part number of 8626178. This supposedly includes the housing, motor, light, and wire harness for the memory mirror. It does not include the actual glass mirror, which I do not need as it is not broken. They told me this is the only way I can buy it, with everything, except the glass. They quoted me a price of $340.30, ouch! I told them a local body shop would sell it to me for $287.00. So the parts guy told me that $287.00 is MSRP? So my dealer marks up their parts roughly 15% over MSRP? What the heck is up with that? MSRP = Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price?

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this a difficult project? A body shop told me an hour of labor costs. It maybe worth it, if is a hard project requiring special tools and expertise?

Has anyone replaced one of these mirror assemblies? Any thoughts, recommendations, or suggestion are much appreciated.

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