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Hey guys, anyone who could help me out here it would be much appreciated. My father bought a '73 P1800ES a couple years ago and its been a slow restore, mostly because our reference manuals are lacking in the wiring diagram dept. The man we bought the car off of had also done some "repairs" on his own before us and I have found some loose wires here and there.
. We recently pulled the engine/Tranny out to do a proper paint job, and I made sure to label all my sires just in case. Our body guy ended up painting my labels and now I have no accurate wiring diagrams to help me put this back to working order.
This is my first time with a P1800 and I would reall appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction to finding some wiring diagrams. Thanks a lot!! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

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