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Hey everyone,

Hoping you guys can give me some ideas on what to chase next on an ongoing issue I’ve had with my 98 V70 T5. Above 55mph or so, I’m getting a slight vibration that I can feel in the steering wheel, accelerator pedal and my seat. Above 40mph, I’m getting a noise that increases with the speed of the vehicle. It’s hard to describe, but its kind of like the same low speed noise I had when I had a tire with a failed steel belt- kind of a light thump, thump that happens with every rotation of the wheels. It’s there whether I’m on the accelerator or coasting. The noise is quiet enough that my wife doesn’t notice. What’s been replaced so far:

Installed 4 new Continental DWS last weekend- great ride improvement, but noise & vibration are still there.
New rear shocks, mounts, & overload springs 5k miles ago
New front shocks, mounts, spring seats 5k miles ago
Both hub assemblies replaced by PO 30k miles ago.
Pass side motor mount replaced by PO 20k miles ago.

Car has 140k. I’ve checked for play in the ball joints, control arm bushings, & tie rod ends multiple times and can’t find any. What’s next? Subframe bushings, motor mounts? Anything in the rear that might be causing it?

Thanks for any advice
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