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Originally posted by QuarterSwede:
Hi all,

I also have a couple of questions about the navigation system that I'm hoping someone can answer:

1. Does it have to be installed at the factory (meaning you'd have to order the car to get it installed)? Or can it be installed by a dealer? If a dealer can install it, does anyone know (roughly) what the labor would cost?

2. What features does the system provide? From the photos I've seen, it displays a street map with a line connecting your origin and destination. Does it offer any other functions? For example, does it provide voice prompts telling you when to turn? Also, how do you enter your origin and destination addresses into it? Can you zoom the map in and out?

It's kind of hard to decide whether to select an $1800 option from just a photo, so any help anyone can provide would be very much appreciated.

Yes, it can be installed by the Rtailer but it will cost you at least $3,000 in parts and labor.

There are constant voice prompts at every turning point. Depending on what scale you set it, it will show just streets or as much as your local major deli!

Origin and destination addresses are typed it...it provides you with an on-screen keypad and you manipulate the address by entering the town and then the street address. The street name is easy as once you entered the town it will eliminate many of the letters since it will have in its memory only the streets available in that town. You should go to your local Retailer for a demo. That's how we sell this system. I have two cars equipped with the system and last week we sold 3 XCs with it (order cars)...

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