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Tried this in the XC60 forum, but no help. Maybe a wider audience here. We have a 2012 XC60 R-Design with Sensus 3.0 loaded.

So here is my hypothetical example. It’s late night and a White Castle crave happens. The nearest ones are in St. Paul about 70 miles away. I know the exact one I want to go to.

First try the voice input. I say “Navigation, go to POI.” The screen for POI's near the car comes up and gives me six different choices of POI’s – one being restaurants. But there is no White Castle “near” me. Am I stuck here? (Oh, and what if I want a POI other than one of the six categories?)

So next I try data input. I push NAV, select POI, then By Name. I enter St. Paul for City, and White Castle for Name. It brings up four, but there are no addresses listed. So I pick one, and it still does not show the address. So I select Information. It now shows the address – darn, wrong one. So I press Exit to back up. Then I press Exit again. But instead of bringing me back to the list of four so I can select another one, it takes me all the way back to the entry screen where I have to enter the City and Name all over again. So what am I doing wrong (besides thinking about going to White Castle)?
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