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Hi all...
My Sat Nav system stopped working the other week.. yes, working one day then wouldn't load the next. The car was drive-able but it kept trying to load the Sat Nav, all other features worked.

The car was due to go in for the rear hatch struts recall and so this was also checked by the dealer. They did a software "upgrade" whatever that meant I'm not sure but it wasn't for the Sat Nav system although it may include the "base Sat Nav files". Anyway not sure if this was a regular update or not. They had to contact Sweden re the Sat Nav, it was determined that the whole "infotainment" system would need replacing as the inbuilt storage (HDD or SSD not sure) had failed.

I have to wait a few weeks for the part to come in (I thought they'd have at least 1 x in Australia but apparently not).

Just out of interest, yes I have done a couple of USB style map updates with no problems and in fact was looking to do the latest when this happened, dealer said they haven't seen this problem before and that's OK with me, I have a great relationship with the dealer, as long as it's fixed, these things happen, it's not the end of the world as some may think. The computer stuff now is so complex that when it goes off, it sort of like a door handle falling off, it can be fixed!

Has this happened to anyone else?? I'd be interested to know what caused it and how it was solved by others.
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