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nautilusperformance where are you?

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It's been way too long since the last update, is the AWD turbo kit ever going to come out?
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Re: nautilusperformance where are you? (PasS40ion)

Re: (NorthernS40)

-2 so now your back to 0


But seriously that was like the first turbo upgrade kit i ever found for the S40 like a year ago and well its still "in the works" lol.
Re: (ForceFed Motorsports)

isn't nautilus the kit that mcevoya is runing on his car.

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Your correct sir. the kit i am running in my car is the kit nautilus is selling. they are in the process of updating the website so contact them if you are interested in anything.

Re: (mcevoya)

So is this kit actually for sale now or what you are doing is the final stages of research before it goes into production? And what is the ballpark cost for this upgrade kit?
Re: (carreragt7)

Sounds like its still in the process of R&D. I cant imagine it being very cheap
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Re: (ForceFed Motorsports)

R &D is pretty much complete after i get some dyno numbers. If you are interested in the parts separate you can call nautilus. you really need to contact them though for more information.
Re: nautilusperformance where are you? (PasS40ion)

This is Tom from NPG and yes, the kit is essentially complete.
Obviously we are just about to get the final results from our prototype tester, as he just indicated.

I guess I want you all to realize that it's taken us a long road to get this far and we don't want to sell an inferior product.
Joey and I would rather get this product as close to perfect as possible now that we are so close, even if it takes a few more months. What's a few more months after 2 years?

For those of you that don't know how long this project has gone, please read the URL below where it details how I started from scratch and produced the first working prototype for this car. The setup is so compact when the AWD transfer case is factored in that no one else wanted to touch it. Sure there are upgrades for the Volvo in the 2WD area but then you get traction issues.

Most of the turbo "upgrades" out there built by many companies are an attempt at an easy fix and they would rather sell hybrid stock turbos, many of which soon self-destruct from resonant frequency issues and break the shafts.

If you are interested, read the link below then read the old blogs I was writing on http://www.nautilusperformance.com
Rest assured that we want to start selling this product so we can finally have the satisfaction.

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NPG Kit release is eminent...

Well we have 98% of all issues worked out so if someone want's to buy the 98% solution now.....then contact us. Joey does most of the phone call work so you can look up his number on the website.

If you want to wait for the 100% solution, then read my last post above.
In either case we'll work with you to get this done.

Remember: Tuning is required when you go above stock boost levels. Prior to that you can run the kit on the stock computer with no issues and still net around 60 more wheel HP! (estimate another 100HP at the crank)
That means you still pass all emissions and no extra cash out of pocket.

When you are ready for more power, then you can go above that and you can use the same company that Aaron is using to tune his. I've seen many moderate boost turbo kits make more power on pump gas and near stock timing than the so-called upgraded kits with 50% more boost and drastically retarded timing. This depends on the tuner a lot but most companies fall somewhere in the middle between top-level tuning and that last example I gave.

Again, read the archived post where it details all the testing, dyno results, fuel economy, etc all with the stock tune.

Thanks for the interest and we look forward to working with all of you.
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Re: NPG Kit release is eminent... (warmonger)

I've got a BSR stage 3 , Typhoon , Bell IC, but I'm looking for more on my FWD T5 6-spd... got a 3071/ 3076 that would work for me?
Re: NPG Kit release is eminent... (V50_T5)

Depends on the flange and you'd have to check clearance. Different manufacturers will not all have the same size compressor housings, at least in terms of outside diameter and such.
You're welcome to try it, just be sure to insulate the housing and firewall so you don't burn down your car.
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