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My wife and I were driving down the Interstate at 73 mph on the left side - passing a car on my right and a semi-tractor trailer ahead of it. I typically hug the left line when passing legally in US.

The adjoining car that i was passing abruptly moved into my lane - side- by-side with me. As my wife first noticed and then I saw what was happening, I jerked the steering a bit left (then back) - crossing the line and onto the rumble strip with very little paved shoulder remaining.

I am confident that the LKA intervened to minimize the over-correction while the driver and passenger in the car on my right finally realized what was happening. I was not in their blind spot as I was literally side-by-side nor was I overtaking at a high rate of speed.

I give partial credit to me, but most credit to my Volvo’s safety systems.

Fortunately, it all ended safely for both vehicles and we continued on. The other car slowed down and backed off - to re-group. Thanks, Volvo for the welcomed assist.

P.S., An idea for the future might be to enhance BLIS so that it visually and audibly warns the driver that a vehicle is unsafely encroaching (my) lane such as above 30 mph.
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