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D____, there is always something sudden and unexpected sometimes. Today I saw a kid fell down with his bicycle at right front corner of my XC60, which just came to stop. Gosh it is truly frightening and I still feel it like a short slow motion movie in my memory. I got off, saw the kid, got up from ground. Asked and double checked if he is OK. He is scared certainly and said yes. Asked him anywhere hurts, he said a little on legs. He then got on his bicycle and made his turn and pedaled away.

It turns out he was rushing on the left side of road, running over a stop sign and turning left to cross in front of me. There is bushes at the corner and he couldn't see me and I couldn't see him either. I was driving up a slope right ends at the intersection, without stop sign on my direction. Lucky I was trying not to fire the ICE so I was quite gentle on gas. My speed is maybe 10mph, less than 15mph I am pretty sure.

I think I braked, but my foot was originally on gas pedal and had to move over to brake pedal. So I am not sure how hard I braked. City safety definitely stopped the car, sooner than me.

The end result is very minor, just some black spot left on the bumper cover by the bicycle tire.

This is in my neighborhood and I was able to locate the boy's friend he was visiting.

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