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I'm looking to squeeze some 205/70R15 into the wheels wells of my 122s. My question is are there any stock steel wheels that will fit my car well with these tires? I'm looking for 15x6-6.5 steel rim with the correct offset for a 122s.

Figured I'd throw in a picture, haven't been on this forum in a while:

73162_450136602814_710437814_5426181_7614233_n by mk2rocco, on Flickr


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From: http://www.volksrods.com/bolt_pattern_reference.htm

5 on 4-1/2 (114.3 mm)
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Do you already have the tires?

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The offset for stock 4" steel wheels on the 122 sedan is plus 25mm.

Here is some good reading on the subject of wheels and tires for the Amazon...


From: http://www.volvoadventures.com/amazon.html

The standard 4" wide Amazon wheels were widened to 6" by Road Wheels NZ a local wheel restoration business. The original wheel centres were used with new 6" wide rims. I specified a wheel offset of 20mm. The standard 4" wheels had 25mm offset. So comparing the standard 4" wide wheels and the new 6" wide setup, I have now 30mm extra width on the outside and 20mm extra on the inside of the total extra 50mm rim width. No clearance problems. The backspacing is now 107mm. The result is amazing, good roadholding and a pleasant drive! The existing wheel hubs fit nicely.

Originally I had the wheels built with zero offset, so all the extra 2" width was on the outside - increasing the "track" by 100mm - but this caused so much bumpsteer on the uneven NZ roads and it put so much more stress on the bearings, steering (and not to forget my arms) that I had them redone to the above specification.

The wheels were painted in silver finish and I got a set of Dunlop Formula W10 directional 195/60 x 15 tyres. They look great. They tell me that the NZ Police is using these tyres on their patrol vehicles, so they must be good.





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From that list, I ran Ford ranger wheels on my first 122 for a while with no problems.
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