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Hi everyone, I have a 2007 Volvo S40 1.6 Diesel D4164T Engine Not start stop, I noticed some black smoke at the exhaust when revving, had a garage diagnostic done, was told Dpf additive level low, a friend has a cheap generic tester we checked with that aswell to find the error 'P138B Glow Plug Module System Voltage'. After that I bought a Vida Dice and checked the car, Dpf Additive level 1/15, I will fill it up this weekend and reset counter. I can't find where is the Dpf Soot amount/level, curious of the level. Regarding the rest of the codes can anyone point out to me if I have something serious that needs attention please? Glow plug? Wheel sensor? I don't have anything lit on my dashboard, I am trying to keep a good maintenance of the car and to avoid costly repairs (dpf for ex).

My codes in Vida Dice are:

BCM-0011 Wheel sensor, left front Faulty signal
BCM-0100 Communication between control units Communicational problems with ECM
BCM-0115 Communication between control units Comminicational problems
BCM-E003 Control module communication Faulty communication
ECM-6630 Glow plug - Faulty signal

AUD-002D Loudspeaker left front Signal too high
CEM-6F52 Tail gate handle Signal too low
CEM-8B05 Position lamps right Faulty signal
CEM-8F01 Hazard light switch Faulty signal
CEM-DD1A Communication with RRX control module Signal missing
BCM-0058 Power supply Voltage too high
BCM-0118 Voltage supply, body sensor cluster (BSC) Voltage too high
CEM-8C20 Rear fog lamp Faulty signal
CEM-8D06 Brake lamp right Faulty signal
CEM-8D08 Brake lamp left Faulty signal
CEM-DD1B Communication with SCM control module Signal missing
CEM-DF11 CAN-H, high speed network Signal missing
EPS-E003 Configuration fault Faulty signal
PDM-0002 Central lock switch Stuck in active position
SWM-0031 Cruise Control Communication fault
ADM-000A Vehicle speed Faulty signal
ADM-E010 Control module power supply Voltage too low
CCM-E010 Control module Power supply too low
CEM-4C01 Ambient temperature sensor Signal too high
CEM-6C30 Siren Internal fault
CEM-6F51 Tail gate handle Faulty signal
CEM-8A09 Low beam right Faulty signal
CEM-8A12 Low beam left Faulty signal
CEM-8B02 Position lamps left Signal too low
CEM-8F22 Wiper motor module (WMM) Voltage too low
CEM-9F31 Rheostat Signal too high
CEM-DD0C LIN-bus 3 Communication fault
CEM-DE11 Communication with ECM control module Signal missing
CEM-DE29 Communication with CCM control module Signal missing
CEM-DE45 Communication with PDM control module Signal missing
EPS-0081 Vehicle speed Faulty signal
EPS-0082 Engine status Faulty signal
SRS-0005 Battery power supply Low voltage

Any advice/help is greatly apreciated.
Thank you in advance

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Any time widespread errors like this pop up, the first thing to check is the battery and charging system. What is the date code on your battery?

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Any time widespread errors like this pop up, the first thing to check is the battery and charging system. What is the date code on your battery?
Hi, thanks for reading my post, I changed the battery in february, don't know the date code on it.. will have a look.
I have filled the additive tank, 1 litre went in, reset the adm counter, this was yesterday.
Today I noticed the smoke is white when revving, no longer black pfff..
I am thinking to clear the fault codes and see what reappears.
What/How do you recommend to check?
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