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I just got my new engine and tranny chip from GIAC for my Volvo V70R today. I installed it, here's what happened.

Firstly, the car was amazingly faster than before. Instant turbo spooling and AWD wheel spinning torque, with an automatic.

So I challanged one of my mechanics to a race, him driving the Volvo, me the S4 (nobody drives my car but me).

Off the line(light power braking), on the hiway, up a hill, the Volvo SMOKED me every time. I just couldn't pull on it anywhere, not even at speeds over 100 MPH.

Had my S4 been chipped it might have been a different story, but I'm not totally sure about that. It more likely would have been a more even match.

I realize this may sound like bull****, but my 3800 pound Volvo V70R AWD has officially spanked my S4. Now, if only the Volvo had bigger brakes and the IPD dual exhaust. It needs them now.

Thank-you GIAC for doing your magic. My Dragon Wagon will be the talk of the town :)
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