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my R wagon did well at the street races

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I know what some of you might be thinking, street racing is dangerous and illegal and bla bla bla. Well its fun and exciting and with the "right" group of people its fairly safe. Here in san diego alot of it goes on every weekend. Anyway I picked my races carefully and only raced v8 cars to prove my cars worth being the only volvo out there. At first when I lined up I could here the people saying , what is he thinkig, is this a joke etc. Well I first ran a 93 trans am and lost to him, but only by 1-1 1/2 carlenghts. After I talked to the guy and he said he runs consistent 14.2-14.3 at carlsbad raceway. I then ran a Iroc camaro and a couple of mustangs and beat them all by about a car lenght. It was great the Volvo really impressed alot of people and the ricers did not want to run me at all. The import guys must have known what the out come would have been.
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Good to hear there's another R WAGON wreaking havoc with that Volvo power.

I'm due to go back to the local street scene soon!
My girlfriend just killed a BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0 when she drove me to dinner with my 850R in the highway!!!
Well, that isn't soooo bad. Those things do have 225hp stock and only weigh 2900lbs... It could have been worse....

97R what mods do you have? I am interested in checking out your car if you ever get up to North County. Let me know.
Going back this Fri night for the first time with the new HP, I have tested and run the car for almost two months with the new equipment and am ready to go against a few just to shock some non Volvo followers, the scene is very popular and organized now up here I have been out most weekends and it is packed, just tonight was at the local once a week cruise night at which they average 400-600 cars, two weeks ago it was 667 measured by the draw tickets given only to the show cars as they entered the lot no junk allowed in at the entrance as it is regulated. As well I will be hitting a dyno soon to see what HP & torque is at the wheels. Have fun and be safe boys but most of all win a few for the Volvo camp!
855R, The mods I have done so far are as follows. IPD cat back and computer upgrade. I have a spearco water/alcohol injection kit that starts to spray at 8lbs. Also small stuff like a K/N filter, home made ram air, relocated the horns, and cut the center out of the post infront of the intercooler. I also removed the MAF screen and adjusted my wastegate 5 turns. And removed about fifty pounds from the car. All in all not really much modification has been done. I do have a manual boost controller that suppost to work with our type of wastegate coming in the mail. I'm hoping to knock 2 or 3 tenths off the cars time with it. I'm in the north county all the time. Perhaps we could meet halfway some time and check out each others rides.
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