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Re: My plastic interior parts are crumbling........HELP (Dirty Marty)


Some interior parts like map pockets and centre consoles are still available from Volvo. For the rest, you'll have to go used. I suggest eBay, since you can find parts from other areas of the country where the sun isn't quite so fierce. Also, Volvo World (www.vlvworld.com) has a lot of interior plastic available.

Parts of the country where vinyl doesn't get so much sun include the Northeast and Northwest, as well as the upper Midwest.

Dash caps are available from IPD (www.ipdusa.com) and dashes can be 100% restored to new condition by Just Dashes in Van Nuys (www.justdashes.com). Just Dashes also offers restoration of other vinyl interior parts, so they could also be a good resource for your other trim.

Whatever you do, use a protectant on your new parts, like ArmorAll or Vinylex. Some people don't like ArmorAll, but I've never had it cause a problem, and I started using it in 1974.
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