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My Oil Pan craked, small oil Leak

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Man it seems I've been pooring money into this car like crazy lately, I hope it is not too expensive to repair...
BTW I've finished the comets, and I've mounted them, the car looks GREAT!!!
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I have no clue how I've cracked it, I do not recall at all scratching over any surface, anyway it is a small leak, not that it is getting wormer outside, it is leaking a little faster then before. I've JUST CALLED THE DEALER AND THEY SAID IT WOULD BE LIKE $1,100 to replace, they are out of their minds, dealer in Westport, CT....
I just talked to this local guys where I live, and he said the next time I have a couple of days off, he would drain the oil, clean the oil tank, and use some kind off compound to fix it. He said total cost will be around $200, it sounds like a deal to me...
He told me it is an Aluminum Pan, is that correct? Can you weld aluminum?


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What about J-B Weld, I am trying it, it is some kind of chemical. I'll let you know how I make out...
Re: (gdogg16)

What guy? Am I it? I am a nice guy LOL

Well I hope it works, it would be a $2 fix
, I figure I got nothing to loose. It says it bond with Aluminum, and it resist temperature up to 500 degrees F.

I've drained all the oil, cleaned the hole from the inside with some brake cleaner, let dry over night. In the morning I got a paper towel, and tried to clean the inside of the tank from the oil drained plug. Cleaned the area outside the tank, where the crack was, and applied some J-B weld. I should be able to put oil back in my car tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll have no more leaks….

This is from J-B weld site
Properties (psi)
Tensile Strength: 3960
Adhesion: 1800
Flex Strength: 7320
Tensile Lap Shear: 1040
Shrinkage: 0.0%
Resistant to: 500° F

Mechanics -- you can use J-B WELD with confidence. It is designed for safe, reliable, permanent repairs in engine compartments and heated environments up to 500° F. It's strong as steel and impervious to water, gasoline, chemicals, and acids. Working with J-B WELD is quick, easy, and convenient -- and saves you time, work, and money!
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Re: (gdogg16)

Of course I did not take the pan off, I am trying an easy fix, not a hard one....
MIJ that is not good news
I hope I have better luck...
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Re: JB what? (Beiner)

Well I am happy to say that my $2 fix worked LOL
I drove 60 miles yesterday, and when I got home that area was completely dry, left a tissue underneath the car and not even a drop

Yes I cleaned the area very well, and I sanded it down to make it smooth before I applied the JB-Weld. Maybe this week-end I'll apply a second coat, and post some pics.
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