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my god this is awesome

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i just blew up my engine...any advice.
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That is awesome, but not as awesome as blowing up your engine one the way home from losing your job.

Get a new(er) one. Still cheeper than a whole new car, and almost as good. BTW, what do you mean by blown? Is that what the dealer said?
What caused the failure? Which engine? How many miles?

Maybe you can find a used one near you. Use the url above to search for one.
Definitely not as awesome as driving home having just lost your job and on the cell phone with your wife telling you about how she is sleeping with your brother and she might be pregnant, but not sure whose it is.

On both the lost motor....

and the Audi Slam

Hope things go well with the new motor..
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so this is an old post there biggole itties - are you all set and back on track?

what was it?
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