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My first Volvo! V60 T5 2015

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Hello and Good Day!
I was recently looking for new family car. Before we had Mitsubishi Lancer it was good and reliable but became too small for 2 adults with 2 kids and big dog. I tested few cars and Volvo stole my hart.
At beginning I was looking for t6 with loo old good 6 cylinder engine. But as there were no good deals at the moment and priority was to have car with clear history I bought T5 with VEA engine(b4204t11) and only 2wd drive. It was reasonable as we mostly drive on highways so no use for 4wd. It is summum version.

I was not analyzing its configuration as I focused on technical stuff. I still have surprises right now in example bigger brakes (336mm). Where can I decode VIN to get this car configuration?

Things to do:
-Spark plugs (already bought)
-Transmission oil (still need to figure out if it is worth to pay for dynamic change or just diy fill and drop oil few times. I found some additional filter kits in place of oil cooler.)
-There is some noise from rear suspension need to diagnose it and
-Install subwoofer (I have premium audio with 5 speakers and I want to upgrade it to 5 with sub)
-Deadening of floor and doors.
-Disable start/stop
-Change battery
-Ceramic coating
-New 18inch wheels
-Drive safe with pleasure!
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Nice. BTW some of the early VEA engines have issues with oil consumption so keep an eye on it.
Nice. BTW some of the early VEA engines have issues with oil consumption so keep an eye on it.
Thanks! Sure I found it out after purchasing that my engine serial number can have issues with oil consumption. Car has 180k km(about 110k miles). At the moment 2000km after me and level is not changing but I heard that level checked on cluster is not accurate so I think I will monitor it on Vida every thousand to be sure.
Previous owner was changing oil every 10k km (6k miles) so it was taken care well. We will see, I decided if there will be small sign of oil consumption I will try to clean oil rings from deposits with flush put on top of pistons. Results might be worth sharing on forum we will see.
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