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My First V60 PE Road Trip

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My wife and I just made a roughly 1,100 mile trip from Massachusetts down to DC then back with a couple of stops in Pennsylvania. Mostly highway but some great PA back roads as well. I purchased a Modern Spare before the trip as an offering to the tire gods and set off with a straight 9.5 hour run on the first day. I normally use only Pure and Polestar modes but for this trip I used Hybrid mode with battery hold for all of the highway driving. That gave me 32 to 33 MPG excluding any of the pure battery miles (essentially running it as a mild hybrid) and it performed beautifully. I set the dampers on comfort (12F:15R) and the ride quality and handling was also outstanding. We’ve made this trip several times in our XC40 R Design and there’s no comparison. 9 hours straight in these seats was a non-issue.

I also fully committed to using one pedal driving throughout the entire trip and I’m totally sold now that I’m used to it. Man, I love this thing.
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In Hybrid mode with a destination set in Google Maps, it will always try to get you to your final destination with 0 electric miles left.
I did this on the last 4 hours of the journey and about 30 miles of battery range left. It dropped to 0 battery miles within about a mile of my house and pulled my average MPG up by a few miles. What I’d not tried before was the hold battery function in hybrid. I use Pure as my default start mode and hitting hold switches you to Hybrid but as a mild hybrid only. So electric in stop and go with a smooth engine engagement at about 10 MPH or even higher if easy on the pedal making for a very quiet and relaxed drive. The engine shuts off on coasting/decelerating and all downhills and you wouldn’t even know it but for the power display gauge. It works so well that I’m going to start using this whenever I jump on the highway in Pure mode.
This is my Modern Spare setup with a 30” nylon wreath storage case from Amazon :p. I’m returning the tools portion (or trying to anyway) because I like the Volvo OEM jack better since it has a tab that fits into the jack point. The modern spare jack has a slot that looks more like a vw/audi setup.

I test mounted mine on the front to make sure it cleared the brakes and it fit perfectly.
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programming multiple stops and round trips could be a bit easier.
The best way I’ve found is to start with the final destination, “Hey google, navigate to…” then add all of the stops from last to first in the same way. They pop up on the map for confirmation and drop off (or can be manually deleted) as your trip progresses. I do this for general waypoints as well if I want to avoid certain cities, bridges, etc. and just delete them from my trip via the screen once I’m close to that location. For a round trip you can start with your current location and add stops or waypoints and these will be inserted in that same last-to-first order mentioned above.
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