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Hi everyone,

I wanted to post about my AWD saga so others who may be running into similar issues have some good resources to pull from. I wasn't 100% sure I was doing the "right" thing, but as of today it appears my AWD is back and working :D

This is on a 2005 V50 T5 AWD M66.

~1.5 years ago I noticed I was spinning tires on gravel hills and snow. I didn't have time to fix it, so I drove for a while with intermittent AWD. With the arrival of a child, and snow season coming up I became motivated to change cars, or fix this one.

I have VIDA/DICE and I was able to see that if I cleared codes it would work for a while and then stop working again. I got various different DEM codes, I forget which exactly they were(DEM-0007 rings a bell), but on a whim I decided to change the filter and fluid. This resulted in a DEM-0006 code. I would get AWD for a while, and all parameters for the DEM looked good, but after a while of running it'd kick off, pump current and soleniod current went to 0mA, and pressure would fall. Eventually a DEM-xxxx code would be thrown as well.

I could manually run the pump with 12v across pin 1 and 2, so I thought the pump was good, but after finding that I could get a DORMAN pump off RockAuto for $160 I decided that was cheaper than the 1.5 hour trip to the dealership, and their costs. I thought it could be the DEM itself since the pump ran from a powersupply, but I started with the cheaper item that's known to wear out (brushes). Of note, pump current started around ~2.5A and dropped to ~1.5A after ~20 seconds, and run slower. I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour.

Today I put in the new pump and it appears that I resolved my issues. No more DEM codes, oil pressure and pump/solenoid current look right. I drove for about an hour without issues. Now I'm ready for the snow :)

I more or less followed the instructions at:
I tried doing it without disconnecting some of the exhaust, but it wasn't going to work out so I consulted that thread for exhaust removal tips which worked. I didn't unbolt anything, just unhooked them from the hangers.

To rotate the propshaft I jacked up one front wheel and rotated it by hand while the other was on the ground. I replaced the 6 bolts attaching the propshaft to the flange.

To remove the 24mm flange nut I used my cordless impact driver. For reinstall/torque I used two bolts and a wrench to stop it from rotating.

To remove the flange I used a bearing puller as I don't have a slap hammer or similar. I did not replace the flange seal as those sorts of things have caused me problems in the past. I did buy a replacement one, but the old one didn't want to come out.

I also did the rear differential fluid while I was back there. Very easy to do with a 13mm offset wrench (also needed this for the fill/drain port of the AOC fluid. Tried previously with other combinations and couldn't get good access). I used a vacuum pump to drain, and essentially a soap pump with tubing on it to fill.

I did a teardown of the old pump and found that there was a bunch of gunk in there(old brushes?), and that the brushes were more or less gone. I suspect they worked at low temperatures and as things heated up the resistance increased, or thermal expansion made them not work. This car has ~175k miles.

Hopefully this is helpful for others with AWD issues. If you have questions about the procedure, let me know. I should have taken some photos along the way, but it was hot and I was tired, so here we are.
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