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here is a list of stuff I've added to my to watch/ to do list on my xc60. it has about 120000 miles on it now. purchased it with 20,000. regular oil changes and taken care of heres my list

Oil trap, since its turbo theres an extra sensor in the back, just had replaced

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes on and off periodically. I just went to auto zone and they said the code came back as a faulty "pcv valve" I said that impossible I just had the oil trap replaced on this car. the engine light just turned off today however well see....

Spark plugs 60$
/ tune up

Brake pads---- Labor costs? Check rotors?

Belts serp/ timing?? Which one is it
/ water pump


Correct T clamp for the positive cable In the battery

Correct connection cable

Battery compartment not put back together correctly by me.

Cabin air filter service? Part =20$

Vaccum pump/ oil pump- other owners have changed them out.

Engine flush- oil clean?


City safety service!!! I cannot turn on city safety it just says, "unavailable".....

Air bag service—Free thru dealer??? Call number

Throttle cable was yanked hard when I reinstalled the new battery, cable that runs by the battery.

Leaks where the windshield meets the interior canvas right above your head

Shakiness occurs at high speeds, when youre in cruise control or when youre coasting. The steering wheel and entire car shakes

2 accidents, tons of body work. Rear side panel paint peeling and front bumper from hitting something

front right (passenger side inner and outer tie rid replaced, due to a accident where I slipped on ice and hit a curb going 30 mph

(more to be added) feel free to comment or compare and contrast with your car! Thanks.
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