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I just wanted to list all the problems I've had with my 2000 V40 and see if other people have had similar problems. Of course I realize from reading other posts that my fatal mistake was buying a Phase 1 the first year they were available in the US. I should have waited. The car was a retired service loaner with 4,000 miles purchased in Feb. 2001.

Problems to date:
-car delivered without antenna
-rear hatch will not unlock with keyless entry, requires key, fixed after two trips. (had to bring in posting from volvospy and swedespeed to convince dealer you could unlock the rear hatch with the keyless entry)
-4 months later, rear hatch lock breaks again, repaired again by dealer.
-two weeks later the brake booster pump fails and is replaced by dealer.
-two months later, rear hatch lock breaks again, repaired by dealer.
-three months later, rear hatch lock breaks again, repaired by dealer. (Took ALLDATA service bulletin information to dealer this time, and the problem is finally fixed for good, I hope!)
-New windsheild wipers all around, car is one year old today! (replaced by me ;-)
-recall 109 notice arrives in mail, repaired by dealer.
-new rear brakes needed, 19,000 miles on car.
-evaporator housing leaking tech note 87-89. Entire dash is removed during repair and steering wheel is re-attached at 20 degree angle. Dealer adjusted the steering wheel upon request ;-)

All this in addition to the regular services and oil changes. My car spends more time with Volvo than with me. Am I just unlucky or is this common? My friends who have other cars seem to actually get to drive them.

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Hmm...is it not true that the 40 series cars were out in Europe before the states. I guess you can say it's new to US owners but it's actually an "old" car.

Not to defend Volvo or anything but wouldn't you have to change wipers anyways after one year of service with them?
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