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Re: My 2 Cents on IPD Sport Exhuast (MenardVolvo)

Consider adding a hanger from the tailpipe up to the bumper or bumper shock. The weight of the tailpipe puts a twisting load on the muffler hangers every time you go over a bump. But wait, there's more...

My IPD sport exhaust rear muffler eventually rusted out and broke where the under-axle pipe enters the muffler. The stub of pipe attached to the muffler was what broke, but it didn't simply break off. It broke off with some of the body of the muffler still attached, and some of the baffling pipe inside the muffler attached. I suspect the bouncing & twisting load on that joint didn't help. I had my friend weld it a few times, and it would last a week or two or three depending on how good a job he did of cleaning the metal. But it always broke again.

The mufflers and pipe will rust at the seams. Slather liberal anti-seize on the threads of the clamps, but don't seriously consider removing them easily in a year or two.

After probably close to 5yr, I still have the under-axle pipe from the sport exhaust. I replaced the mid pipe where the resonator would go in a stock system, because the IPD pipe had rusted a lot (although not all the way through). And of course the muffler is gone, replaced with a Magnaflow.

When you had the leaky/broken muffler before, there was probably a lot more vibration and droning through the car. Simply having the exhaust exit at or beyond the bumper does wonders for sound inside the car.
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