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Multiple Air Destinations?

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Is it feasible to book a trip with OSD that includes multiple destinations? My wife and I are considering a trip that goes to Gothenburg, then Barcelona, then home. Will OSD book trips this way, or will they just book a roundtrip to either place and we'll have to book another roundtrip on top of that?
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Re: Multiple Air Destinations? (Hyperbola)

When booking your Overseas Delivery trip your may fly to Gothenburg or one of the other designated delivery cities to take delivery of your car and fly out of another city in Europe back to the US at the end of your trip. However if you would like to fly from Gothenburg (or one of the delivery cities) to another city before returning to US it would be at your own expense.

Re: Multiple Air Destinations? (William)

You can fly into Gothenburg....then make your own way to Barcelona...then fly home from Spain. Volvo will pay for the flights to-from Europe...but not the flights within Europe.
Re: Multiple Air Destinations? (Hyperbola)

From my tripple OSD experience working with the Volvo Corporate Travel (the agency that arranges the air tickets for you):

Volvo will arrange the so called "open jaw" ticket for you for free, the rest is on your own.
You can fly to any of the designated delivery cities and fly back home from any of the drop-off cities, getting from one to the other by your own car.

This is a lot fun, take my word for it. I usualy put 2500 to 3000 miles in 3 weeks, while I am there.

IM me, I'll share my favorites routes with you, if you are interested.

So, in your case, I would take a delivery in Gothenburg, especiaally if it is your first one, to see where and how your car is born, and then head down south via Germany and France, taking a ferry to Kiel, saving one driving day, visit Barcelona and drop a car either in Madrid or Nice, flying home from either of those two cities. It is very doable and a lot of fun.

I am with Bob on this one...
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Re: Multiple Air Destinations? (gascos80)

Actually, the reason we wanted an "open jaw" ticket has nothing to do with driving - we're planning to spend a couple of days in Gothenburg, and then go on a cruise that goes round-trip to Barcelona. We don't have enough time to drive to Barcelona, unfortunately.
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Re: Multiple Air Destinations? (Hyperbola)

Oh, well...

It can be done in 7 easy driving (no more than 3-4 hours) days...

Driving around Europe in your own brand-new Volvo is one of the main attractions of OSD, with the discounts and "stuff" to be the very distant second...

I believe that most OSD forum "frequenters" will side with me...

In any case - Volvo Travel will get you two open jaw US - Gothenburg/ Barcelona - US tickets for free. The promise is to fly you and your companion to and from Europe...

So, you'll get the car, drive around a bit - drop it back at factory and then take a cruise to Barcelone, correct?

There is a little secret that official Volvo reps do not like to disclose, because of some code of silence, but I can...

You CAN arrange for the drop-off on Saturday or Sunday if you have to. Volvo allows you to leave a car with 24/7 security guard at one of the parking lots at Factory Delivery Center.

I've done it, some other people here reported it as well. All you need - just ask, when you receive the car. The FDC personal is very accomodating, if you have specific travel arrangements that require weekend drop-off.

I left my car once at 4:00 am on Sunday morning, was treated with the good coffee from female guard's thermos, and she even arranged a taxi (at Volvo expense, as it normally would) to get my wife and I to the airport in time for the 7:00 am flight to Rome...

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