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Originally posted by [email protected]:
Okay guys, I was talking to Scott Hart yesterday at IPD. He told me the following regarding the MS Design stuff. So FYI.

He is expecting 10 S60 kits in the next two weeks that he ordered, along with grills, and some 40-series stuff and some extra S60 front spoilers.

Of those 4 kits are already sold to a dealership in TX called Autobahn Volvo who is planning on building a pseudo R on some S60s that they'll presumably be selling in limited numbers (4) off the showroom floor.

Also, he orders about once a quarter from MS Design, which is more often than I had thought. So, if you end up wanting to buy a kit, it's not that few and far between.
Just to warn you people, if you would order this kit I suggest to let them paint it with a flexible primer else the front spoiler is ruined in a few months.
I have one on my S60 at it look terrible after a few months.
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