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Shopping for a bluetooth adapter for my '07 VR (w/Nav)'s HU 805. I'd like to be able to stream music from iphone/android, and make hands-free calls. Been reading swedespeed and other forums extensively. I've narrowed down to GROM MST3, Parrot CK3100/MKi9000/MKi9100, or Motorola TK30.

I'm kinda leaning toward the Motorola unit. It seems to be a replacement for their IHF1000 model (which is what Volvo uses as the OEM). Has anyone had experience installing and using TK30, particularly with HU 805? I'm curious if there's any issues or fixes in this new model.

BTW there's a detailed installation guide in this forum but it's for IHF1000.

Thanks much!

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