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Ok so this is the best area of the forum I could figure to post this because the car is a 97 850 glt but the motor is from a 98 S70 glt...

I'm going to pull my motor, and reuse the cylinder head because it has already been fully rebuilt...and using a motor we pulled from a 98 S70 GLT

As far as I can see, both my 97 & the spare 98 motor are both B5254t's, and the cylinder heads are also the same s/n or casting whichever you prefer to call it

The only differences I have noticed so far, is that my 97 has slotted cam gears, diff timing belt? hydraulic tensioner (98 cam gears non-slotted, mechanical tbelt tensioner, and Napa lists a different part # for tbelt different than my 97)

My 97 motor already has a new water pump & tbelt, are these interchangable over to the 98 motor if I also use my 97 hydraulic tensioner? The 98 block looks like it has the provision for the hydraulic tensioner to mount to it... The only reason I'm asking is because I would need to buy a belt & mechanical tensioner for the 98 motor if this stuff is not interchangable because the mechical tensioner took a dump on that 98 motor and wiped the belt and valves in 2 of the cylinders... Was trying to reuse as much parts as possible that would work. I will still have to check the part numbers for the water pumps between the 97 & 98.

One thing I also noticed on the 98 motor is that it has a provision in the block for a crank sensor that reads off the flexplate, I never noticed if the 97 has that also since there so much crap on top of that area, i guess not that it would matter because i can just plug up that hole if the 97 doesnt have a crank sensor...

anything else anyone can think of that I'm overlooking or should be considering looking at? If the cam gears are identical other than the slotted difference, i'm obviously just going to use the non-slotted gears from the 98 motor out of simplicity

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