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Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in creating an easy way of bypassing my GROM unit so that I can use my CD player on occasion. There is a connector that connects the two 'sides' of the fibre optic cable to the GROM unit, and my thinking is that if I can match the female side of that connector (as is on the GROM unit itself), and simply have a looped fibre optic cable on that connection, that would do the trick.

I've identified the male connector: TME 1-1355639-1

I'm just not sure about the female connector that will accept two fibre optic cables like the male connector listed above does.

This looks like it could be what I'm looking for, but I find it hard to tell: https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-9-1355090-2.html

Also, how would I go about finding the fibre optic cables (a short one!) with the correctly finished ends?

Maybe someone with some more MOST experience can help - it would be much appreciated!
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