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Is there any of you who have tested the MOST adapter Digital Fiber -> Low lever or TOSLINK optical output to connect an external DSP or amplifier?

There are of course a couple of different solutions that they claim shuld fit, but no one has been able to verify that it really does, but rather the contrary!

So are there any of you out there who have tried this. Please write a comment about what kind of equipment you have used, how it works aso.

The MOST adapters that I found and which should suit are:

mObridge DA1, D2 samt även D3
http://www.mobridge.us/products/most-di ... nk-pre-amp

Audison Bit DM

Should be the same type of adapter, these two and with an optical output that can be connected to a DSP.

Have a Volvo XC60 D5 -11 with high performance system
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